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What We Do

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We're working to activate the Church into caring for vulnerable children around the world.

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Our strategy is to work with churches to help them connect to foster care and adoption services and organizations, train churches how to create an effective and sustainable foster care and adoption ministry within their local church, and finally to be a constant resource for churches as they work to make a difference in the lives of kids in the system through a growing library of online resources, coaching relationships, and conferences. 

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The Home Initiative helps connect the Church with national, state and local child welfare agencies. These partnerships are the bedrock for a strong foster care/adoption ministry within the local church. The Home Initiative also connects churches and individuals to resources and tools that equips them to get involved in caring for vulnerable children. 


The Home Initiative offers a church workshop to educate, train, plan, and implement a formalized foster care/adoption ministry within the local church. This workshop will equip the local church to build a ministry that is both effective and sustainable. 


As churches get involved in caring for the vulnerable children in their communities, The Home Initiative is available for on-going support, resources, training and collaboration. This is accomplished through regional awareness campaigns, conferences, and online continued training resources.

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