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What to expect

Knowing where to begin in launching a ministry in the mission field of foster care and adoption can be difficult. We can help. 

The Starting Block church ministry development workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive experience aimed at equipping church leaders and volunteers with the tools, strategies, and inspiration to effectively develop a ministry to vulnerable families and hurting kids in your community. 

Starting Block is an in-person, 2-4 hour, workshop at your church.

The training will cover the following topics.

Heart and History

First, we'll take a look at the heart and history of the "system".

A Biblical Understanding

Next, we'll talk through a brief biblical understanding of caring for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Getting Started

Finally, we'll introduce you to methodologies, tools, and agencies to put you on a path to making a difference in your community.

When you're ready to book a Starting Block workshop at your church we would love to CONNECT.

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